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Teco R32 Wi-Fi Room AC Rev Cycle C 2.2kW

Product code: 3106035


For over 30 years, TECO has provided Australia with Window / Wall Mounted Air Conditioners. This type of unit is perfect for the replacement of outdated and less efficient models. We have designed our unit sizes
around standard, pre-existing cut outs for easy-fit wall mounting. For the ever-moving house hunters, our units can be relatively easy to install or uninstall depending on the location - window or wall. Therefore, you could potentially take your Window / Wall Mounted Air Conditioner when you go.
This gives you the flexibility in choosing your installation location to suit your needs today and tomorrow. This product also lends itself to applications where a wall split or ducted system is not an option due to the building or housing modifications associated.

Teco R32 Room Air Conditioner Reverse Cycle C
Teco R32 Room Air Conditioner Reverse Cycle C